1. Navvarsh Mahotsav – Bengaluru

The Saraswathi Educational Cultural and Charitable Trust will be expanding it’s cultural activities to the city of Bangaluru in 2017 where it will host a 2 day dance festival on the 1st and 2nd of January 2017. The festival will showcase Bangaluru’s best talent and will honour great Gurus who have worked on Developing and retaining various classical dance forms in the region.
The festival will be held in Ganapathi Seva Samithi, in the suburb of Koramangala with the support of the temple.

2. Museum of Household Utensils

The Saraswathi Educational Cultural and Charitable Trust is currently planning the construction of a museum of traditional household utensils as part of the cultural activities of the trust. The trust painstakingly collects various household brass and copper untensils over the last few decades and has amassed a wealth of interesting articles for display.
The museum location, space and counstruction is currently in planning and the museum should be functional by 2020.